Classic Photography
  • Before Picture Day
  • Pre-Order pictures with your credit / debit card.
  • After Picture Day
  • Order your child's portraits after picture day or re-order pictures.

This year let Classic Photography handle your studio's photography needs.

With over 20 years of experience we have designed a program that offers a profit to your school, a value to your families and a service that goes beyond expectation.

Why Choose Classic Photography?
  • Yearbook - Classic Photography has raised the bar on Yearbook publication, 100% of the time we deliver a larger book with more pages, higher quality yearbook for less money. Guaranteed!
  • Commissions - Classic Photography will guarantee your school a larger commission compared to your past photographer.
  • Posers and Groomers - Classic Photography provides extra staff to ensure each student looks their best.
Cool New Products

Before you sign your next contract, please allow Classic Photography the opportunity to present our photography program to you in person.

Classic Photography will provide you a higher quality product, higher customer service satisfaction and a higher commission.

To schedule an appointment or to learn more about the classic photography school photography program contact David Christianson

800 869 9515 ext 114